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Top 10 Best Free Web Hosting Sites with Total Features

Free Web Hosting seems great for blogging, Right? Let us get some thoughts about this. It’s supplied or supplied by a hosting company or even a hosting service supplier. It helps to produce the existence of our website on the net.

Gone Are the times where the Web was just used for sending emails. Currently, many jobs are being completed on the internet like exchanging videos, photographs, documents.

Such Tasks take a stage, and this stage is supplied by a hosting supplier. An internet hosting assists us to keep the site busy day in and day out. Together with sharing files, many hosting providers offer SSL safety too.

Well, The hosting providers usually charge a fee for supplying their services. However, there are a number of websites present that offer free Web hosting attributes.

We could host our domain those Websites and use these free web hosting services to effectively grow our website.

Top 10 Best Free Web Hosting sites with features

1) Blogger

Blogger Is among the earliest platforms for blogging and that too free of charge. Back in the days once the Web was created, from then, BlogSpot is among the older blogging platforms.

Discussing Of Best Free Web Hosting sites with features, then Blogger is great to go. It is quite user friendly this stage.

One Just must register up to Blogspot and input their website title together with default domainname. Then after picking any arbitrary motif, you’re prepared to go for writing your own thoughts.

Blogger Does have some attributes to personalize the site like a lot of topics, some widgets set up, and a few gadgets to use.

Even though No advance attribute is composed of it but the present attributes are cool should considering blogging at no cost .

As Every stage has a few pros and cons. A Number of Them are mentioned under —


  • It’s completely free that is made up of the “” subdomain. It gives a free SSL certificate. It gives lots of tools and the updated price is none.
  • It’s a user-friendly interface and therefore very easy to use. Blogspot has a sleek design that has a fantastic number of widgets and themes for effectively working.
  • Because this stage is hosted on Google, safety is never an issue here. It’s managed by the top officials of Google and so that you may add lots of information without the chance of information loss.


  • Though Google has forums that it does not have any client service. Like each stage, this may too have issues but to fix that one is simply determined by google forums or searches without customer service.
  • Another larger issue here is a search engine optimization disadvantage. With restricted attributes without any plugins available, an individual can’t perform advanced search engine optimization techniques here.

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2) WordPress

WordPress Is among the strong and popular and free web hosting programs in the current moment. We could write our ideas for free by simply signing up in

Even though Following that, the installation of this site needs to be performed by us. It’s one of the Best Free Web Hosting sites with features.

Even though To get its entire attribute, a paid variation is essential, but if a person does not need to waste a cent, then the free version can also be trendy.

Pros And Cons of those websites are —


  • WordPress actually provides a boost to SEO. With plenty of additional features like including Tags, Meta descriptions. WordPress makes things simple to work with, with the personalization of blog articles, target keywords, etc.
  • In addition to many topics, it includes, it is also mobile-friendly which means it readily heaps on almost any tablet or mobile. As mobile users are in lots, it merely raises its popularity.
  • As it is self-hosted, you’re the comprehensive owner of the blog. Any alterations to be created can easily be achieved here in accordance with your desire.
  • Because this platform is developed on PHP, it’s extremely lightweight and may load real fast in contrast to a lot of others.
  • With a lot of forums great customer care, an individual can readily find a solution for their problems anytime that consequently point.


  • Because this stage is hosted on your own, the significant issue that arises is safety. Malware can access our system via the setup of plugins and themes that may harm our website and may also bring about website hacks.
  • Contrary to BlogSpot, WordPress often keeps on upgrading itself. It occasionally turns the other way around as the newest updated version isn’t quite as comfortable to use as the preceding one.

3) Wix

Wix Certainly has a place to create the list of Best Free Web Hosting sites with features. It’s plenty of layouts and themes to select from.

Another Plus purpose of the platform is the backend here is handled by the top officials of this platform so just the front-end is always to be cared for by us.

The Drag and drop choice to design our sites are simply wonderful. We only need to register to start the Wix site or the WixAi may also be used to automatically construct the site by answering a couple of straightforward questions.

There Are several themes and templates to select here. Like each stage, a few pros and cons of Wix are cited below.


  • It’s a very simple interface that makes it user-friendly. The components and layouts can easily be dragged and dropped anywhere we need.
  • Since the professionals seem after these platforms, the security and speed of such sites are wonderful. The topics are optimized in this way to load quicker.
  • Client support here is excellent as they provide great support to their clients by solving their questions and also using plenty of FAQs out there.


  • Though the design is easy with only drag and fall, sometimes it may not provide the expected outcomes. You can find guidelines, rulers current when helps to correct the plan, but nevertheless, coding may have an upper hand.
  • There is absolutely no choice of data export from the stage. To perform such, we must manually copy the article or transfer them can export that ends up to be among its own disadvantages.

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4) Weebly

Weebly Is just another platform for free web hosting and blogging our customized domain name. Both buttons or templates, an individual can drag and drop in accordance with their desire. This stage is composed of sidebars, kinds, advertisement spaces, social networking icons, etc. including most other platforms.

It Is one of the Best Free Web Hosting sites with features.

Well, Some pros and cons of the platform are cited under —


  • The safety manages protection from spammers and hackers. In addition, it assists in the loading of this website quicker due to the well-optimized hosting.
  • In the event of any problem, while preparing the blog, it’s customer service for advantage. In addition, it has a telephone service that only eases the functions.


  • Since one does not have complete control over the website, so progress tools can’t be added here. As one does not have root access here, so we can not change a lot of those configurations.
  • Moreover, the Content Management System is somewhat restricted here, thus we can’t put in a high number of web pages.

5) Medium

Medium Is just another Best Free Web Hosting site with all attributes. It’s one of the greatest sites since it’s a massive audience base. Almost 60 million people see this stage and the numbers are climbing.

It Is easy to use the stage, and when blogging is the passion and wish to showcase your gift into the planet, then this may prove to be good.


  • Composing posts in these hosting sites can give exposure to our website with its 60 million viewers. This may prove to be good for new bloggers.
  • These programs provide a search engine optimization increase as Moderate proceeds to create a lot of traffic on a normal basis.
  • It’s a clean CMS using a very simple interface. We can easily personalize it and add pages according to our desire.


  • Should you prefer things performed certainly, then you may confront an issue as it will not offer complete control.
  • The medium does not have some inbuilt features for direct generation. So another drawback of it.

6) Bravenet

Bravenet Is also among the Best Free Web Hosting sites with features. This stage gives a great number of the bundle with a free subdomain. An individual can add their customized domain at ease. The drag and drop feature will help to navigate widgets and templates.

Taking Of resources, Bravenet also features an email marketing tool, which facilitates the job of constructing a contact list and design messages via templates.


  • Using its email marketing tool will help us send an infinite number of emails. It may thus help expand the audience in the very first level.
  • The platform gives a fantastic quantity of features which helps optimize the site nicely.


  • The customer service here isn’t up to this mark and the client can not actually speak up in the event of any difficulties.
  • Additionally, free web hosting with cPanel not supplied here, so the clients do not have complete control over it.

7) X10Hosting

X10Hosting Is also one of the Best Free Web Hosting sites with features. This is a great platform for hosting our realm name and write our ideas through blogging.

Additionally By means of newest variants of PHP, MySQL — it offers an environment of steady and decent functionality.

This Platform also offers eCommerce tools such as anti inflammatory . Together with the 3 free email accounts supplied combined with 150+ templates, thus boosts your performance.


  • The stage is simple to use and you can utilize this stage without much difficulty.
  • With the usage of the most recent versions of PHP, MySQL additionally supplies a nice and stable functionality.


  • This stage does not have a thing from the name of consumer care. Individuals, therefore, need to google themselves for almost any query.

8) Joomla

Joomla Is the Best Free Web Hosting site with features somewhat like WordPress but has limited features compared to it. We can easily incorporate our custom domain name and are all set to go.

It Is a flexible interface that makes it effortless to use and websites of any kinds can be installed with it.

Joomla Has lots of features to maximize the site and we can use the various format it is made to conduct unique markets of sites.

It Also includes a timeless editor that resembles Microsoft Word and assists with setting the font, font colour, dimensions, emoticons, tables, or desktop.


  • Joomla is a great platform for e-commerce shops also supports e-commerce tools.
  • It supplies different extensions and Joomla’s plugin that offers flexibility in work.
  • Using its large community foundation, it offers exposure to our functions in the world.


  • It’s a bit complicated concerning designing and therefore it’s always suggested to seek the services of a programmer for the first installation.

9) Jimdo

Jimbo Has many primary features that let’s readily host our domain and begin blogging. It’s another Best Free Web Hosting site with features.

It Is powered by AI and also the setup of site here takes less than 3 minutes. This stage can help to edit pages, logo, footer, etc. from the front itself.

Additionally With the assistance of left sidebar, you can edit or include article’s date, name, category, status, etc.. Thus it’s a flexible platform to decide on.


  • Since it gives a drag and drop option which makes it easy to set up and user-friendly.
  • Apart from blogging centers, in addition, it gives an e-commerce instrument to do e-commerce easily.


  • Though it has a very simple interface but includes a restricted set of layouts that does bring perfection down.

10) Freehostia

Freehostia Is just another Best Free Web Hosting sites with features that let’s sponsor our domains and begin blogging.

This Platform thus supplies a speedy host that makes our hosted web page load somewhat fast. Additionally, it supplies an e-commerce instrument to perform our e-commerce shops. Thus if you’re interested in finding free blogging, then it is a fantastic platform.


  • This stage thus claims to supply a fantastic uptime such your website remains active for its most occasions.
  • It gives an inexpensive cost for their own plans.


  • The customer service is jeopardized here and In exactly the exact same time, do not have a fantastic email support also.
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